A rooftop tent also often referred to as a roof tent, acar-top tent or an RTT is an accessory usually fitted to the roof of a vehicleto allow users sleep safely and comfortably above the vehicle. Rooftop willgenerally mount to a vehicles roof rack or aftermarket roof bars hence they canbe fitted in most of the vehicles. The first example of a rooftop tent was inthe 1930s in Western Europe. Rooftop tents have several advantages. These include;Allows free internal load space.With a RTT, you are able to enjoy the convenienceof more free space in your vehicle which you can use for your luggage.

When out for an adventure, RTT gives you morecomfort to not sleep within an easy reach by the toothy beasts.With a rooftop tent, you don’t have to keep huntingaround for a prime tent real estate. All you require is a relatively levelplace to park and within minutes you have your sleeping quarters ready.Finally, enjoying some sleep in a rooftop tentis sublime. Remember that most RTT are fitted with a luxurious mattress. Thisallows you to enjoy wall to wall to wall sleepy bliss. Being lifted high abovethe ground level, you can be sure that a rooftop tent will capture theslightest breezes unlike the ground level tents.

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